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On this page you can see your current plan, change your plan and cancel the system.

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At SizeMe AI we seek to adapt to your needs, which is why we offer you different plans so that you can choose one that adapts to the specific needs of your brand. The main difference that you can find between them is the number of garments that you can create for your brand and the number of monthly recommendations that you give to the users of your ecommerce. In addition, certain features are added as you improve your plan.

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  • When are monthly recommendations renewed?

    Your monthly recommendations are renewed at midnight on the first day of each month.
  • Why is my account listed as disabled?

    Your account may appear disabled for different reasons:
    • Your account did not comply with our terms of use.
    • Your account was suspended for non-payment.
  • How do I change my plan?

    To change plans you just have to click on the <i>Contract</i> button found on each plan. The sales team will then be contacted to confirm the change.
  • How do I cancel my company account?

    To cancel your company account you have to click on the <i>Unsubscribe</i> button in your current plan, once this is done it will ask you for a very brief explanation of the reason why you want to cancel it and your account will be automatically disabled. <br>The reason for your withdrawal is of great interest to us in order to know our defects and to be able to continue improving and providing a service that is increasingly tailored to our users.

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