Manage my integration

On this page you can modify your type and integration ID, customize the CSS styles of your ecommerce product page, and update changes to your brand's clothing and size charts. In it you can also see a notification panel, where we will show you information related to the status of your integration.

Edit integrations screenshot

In the first field, the type of integration is indicated. If it is a basic installation, using HTML code, or an integration through Magento, your brand ID will be shown below. On the other hand, if your integration was carried out through Tiendanube, it will be shown below. It will show you your Tiendanube ID.

Then there is the text area belonging to custom CSS, where you can indicate the styles that are necessary so that our button is incorporated in a fluid and stylized way with the rest of your website.

Finally you will find the Save and refresh changes button through which the changes made to the page are saved and your integration is updated, a necessary process for the modifications to garments and tables to take effect in your ecommerce. .

Notification panel

In it you can see the status of your integration: whether it is updated or not, the frequency with which the system is updated automatically and the number of modifications, whether in tables or garments, that have been made since the latest update, that is, those modifications that have not yet been reflected in your ecommerce.

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